donderdag 14 augustus 2014

WAS Challenge at The Lilypad

I loved this challenge when I first saw it!!! 
And as I went through my pictures and saw my precious boy as he is, I knew I needed to scrap this one and no other. A pure page, showing my lovely vibrant boy as he is: open, sweet, caring. He is always hisself, whether if it's enjoyable for others or not. He is my little sunshine. 
So, my goal with this page and the neutral colors of white and beige is to show his pureness and softness and the love I feel for him!


All elements from Foreverjoy, guest designer at The Lilypad:

The border is from Juliana Kneip: Beautiful day

Made for the WAS Challenge Week 3 | Challenge 5: Use color/texture to reflect the mood of the page

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