dinsdag 13 mei 2014

Chance to win Jasmin-Olya's gorgeous newest upcoming templatesets!!!!

Hello everyone,

Jasmin-Olya Designs has something really new! 
She started a new project, a new series of photobook-templates. 
But they will be more "ready to use", because ... 
they already contain backgrounds!

It will be really beautiful and elegant!!!
Guess what the name is???

"Your elegant photobook" 

The new set of photobook templates will be in the PBP shop coming this Friday: May 16th!

And... you have a chance to win it!

Do you want to win this set? Now you have 4 chances to win it!!!

1) Leave a comment at her blog
2) Leave a comment on her Facebook page
3) Share the message on FB page

and on Friday one winner chosen: she or he will get this set for FREE!

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