zondag 23 februari 2014

The little things matter most by Dawn Inskip

We had a 'little' birthdayparty this afternoon for our youngest. I say little, because it was the grandparents coming over to have a cake and some coffee.
The boys had a BIG oarty a while back to celebrate both of their birthdays.
So, we are now talking about the BIG party and the little one (or the cake party)

Anyways, after giving treats to others, I have been treating myself with this awesome collection by Dawn Inskip.
It's a mixture of lots of things: P365 stuff, everyday stuff and all of that with a nice artsy touch to it.
I'm sure you have seen some creations with it around the net.
Well, I'm about to show you some more!

Little Things Matter Most Collection

My pages:

Pretty neat to show off your pictures, hugh?
So, why don't you treat yourself? ;-)

Hugs to all of you!

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