zaterdag 1 februari 2014

Birthday invitation

Next week we are having a party to celebrate the birthday of as well Mathieu as Maxim.

While Mathieu had his begin january and Maxim will in 3 weeks, they both will have had their traditional birthdaycake at home, but with only us and the grandparents coming over.
And in 2 weeks we have a huge party at a playcenter.

As everyone allready know the date, but nothing more, I made an invitation (send throught the mail of course) to reveal the secret gathering place.

This is my invitation:
(note that I changed the text a bit for you since mine is in dutch):


Everything by SussieM Designs at Scrapbookgraphics: 
Candy B-day
Time 2 Celebrate - Birthday Baloons
Birthday Candles Set

Of course, I would be very happy to know what you think about it!

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