vrijdag 10 januari 2014

Your classic photobook Vol.48 by Jasmin-Olya Designs

Available at PBP

Do you want to create your own photobook easily and simply?
Do it using photos only!No need for kits or other elements. Each template focuses on your photos and is not distracted by superfluous details.

This set completely combines with other sets of templates:
Your classic photobook Vol.14
Your classic photobook Vol.46
Your classic photobook Vol.47
and Your DVD Cover Vol.5

This set include 5 double templates (24x12 inches, 7200x3600 pix). So each page in your book will be harmonious and you will not have to think about how to pick a pair of your single layouts.

Here is my page with this wonderful set:

If you would like to check out her gorgeous previous sets of double templates, you can discover them here:
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Or see big One style packs (~OSP):
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