dinsdag 10 december 2013

THE organizing aid for me: the alpha stacker!!!

Hey, I have been meaning to talk to you about this for a while, but a lot of things at home took my time and... I  had so much fun playing with this I kind of forgot I really needed to tell you this!

Well, you are hear to read about my new discovery,
aren't you?
It is called the Alpha stacker!!!! Also created by Wendyzine, she is becoming one of my best friends :-)

What does this action do? Well, it takes all your alphas, numbers and punctuations that are in the folder you point it to. And then the magic begins: it starts by taking all those pngs in, piling them up. Once it's finished, you can choose how many you want of them placed next to one and another. Depends on the size of your png actually. And after a minut or so, you have yourself a full sheet with your alphas, numbers and punctuations!!! 
Then you have the action where you can save it: it trims the seet and then saves it as a fullsize png file.

SCRIPT: Alpha Stacker

In shop here

I don't know about you, but I didn't like those "flying" alphas, because it was not overviewing enough when I was looking for an alpha. Now I have them all together in one sheet and it's easy!!!!

Well, and knowing me, I created an action for myself that also trims the sheet, but saves it as a psd, so I can just hit the alpha and drop it into my layout. But that's what I like, it's possibly not what you would like. Because it takes a bit more space on my disk. For me, the advantage takes over the place on my disk. But for you, it could be otherwise.

As always, there is a video tutorial with neat explanation. And if you have questions, you can still contact Wendy.

Psssst: another great tip with this action: I tried it to place a set of the same type of buttons together and it worked like a charm!

So you can use this action in many ways!

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