donderdag 12 september 2013

The Next Designer Contest 2013 at The Studio - My free minikit!

As I participated once and find it fun I told myself I would play along this year if there was time.
Luckily for me, every week is now open to participants, first week of school was too hectic to do anything!
I really don't have any intention to be claiming myself to be a designer, I just like the experience of seeing things from the other side.
And to be honest, once again it made me realize what a job designers do!! How much work and thinking goes into creating a kit, it's mindblowing!
You need new themes, new graphics, the technical knowdledge...
So, to all designers out there: I admire you!!!!

If you want my minikit,
 you can hop over to The Studio
There are other marvellous entries to be picked up there too!
I hope you like it, and if course, you like it enough to vote for me, please do so :-)

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