maandag 10 juni 2013

Some inspiration to look up!!!

I entend to put more personal stuff into my blog, since I find myself very much inspired to share some of my thoughts with you.

You allready see lots of personal moments passing by with my digiscrapping, but I hope to also reach you with things that are on my mind and hope to get more interaction with you, my readers.

Let me show you some inspirational pages I have been dazzling about for quite a while now!

I'm sure you have those wonderful pages somewhere, but let me tell you who could help you create some magic like this!!!

It's the designer Jasmin-Olya Designs and those templates are known under the name of Your Classic Photobook.
She has quite a lot of them since she is at Vol. 41 nowadays!!!

So many possibilities for your lovely pictures!

You can see her shop here.
And to get some inspiration, you can look at her gallery here.

I hope you get inspired, because I do!!!!


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