zaterdag 29 juni 2013

Organizing your digistuff

Have you ever wanted to know how everyone organizes their things?
I know I have!!
And I found out there is always something to learn from someone else. Even the smallest tip can make a huge difference!!!!
As many other people I started out with downloading free stuff I found on the net, then I subscribed to the Craftcrave site and things got out of hand!!! I had piles of zipped stuff and I just couldn't find the time to unzip and look at them all.
At a certain point, I had a huge crash of my 2 external drives at the same time! I lost everything which gave me a lot of heartpain and doubts.
It also ment I could start again. I was determined to do it right and unzip and label everything immediately.
Yeah, that went great for a few weeks and then everything got back as it did before.
I just can't seem to get to say no...
In time I also discovered not all graphics were of good quality. I find that many of them could have been thrown away since they were not suited for printg at good quality.
As said in the beginning of this post, everyone has her own way and I'm just describing my process for you to see if there is anything useful for you.
When I download something now , the first thing I do is quality check it. What you need to look out for:
- is the image of good quality, which means 300 pixels
- in Picasa I look at the graphics at 100% to see if everything is neat and not fade
- is it well cut out, without some strange hooks in it and are there not missed spots
- are there no lost pixels floating around somewhere???
It looks like timetaking and perhaps it is a bit, but it's better to do it now and to discover it when it's too late on your print.
Recently I acquired a helfpful action, which helped me doing this check up in less time.
It's from Wendyzine and you can purchase it here @ Scrapbookgraphics.
It comes along with  videotutorial which explains everything!
ACTION: Quality Check It {PSCS}
Then, when everyhting is checked, I trim all the images, since many of them have not been done.
This means that all the useless white space around your image has been cut away.
You can do it manually in Photoshop, but in some cases, it cuts out the top of the edges, which is obviously not what we want.
Therefore, I have now another action from Wendyzine, called
Trim it, which does the same, but keeps a border around your image so you have no edges lost.
Once again, there is a full explanation with the video in your download.
Perhaps you ask yourself: why?
Well, it's very easy: your files are smaller so take up less space!!! And we all can use that, don't we?
Next, I label my graphics with the name of the kit and then split everything up into folders.
Yes, I don't keep everything together according to the shop or designer.
I simply forget which designer has what.
For me, it's better that way to find something back.
Everything is stored on my external drive and I have 2 copies on others.
But: I keep a copy of the preview on my laptop so I can search also through Picasa to quickly see if I have a certain something, this without having to hoop up my external drive.
Well, I hope you have found this useful!
Sure would be happy to read some feedbck from you guys!

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